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Practical comments on the use of Modafinil will be written at the very beginning of the article in view of the fact that many clients do not read the whole text:

→ Modafinil gives a feeling of vivacity and alertness of the mind if you are already awake and perceive external factors. If you want to lift yourself in the morning with its help and then have all the advantages of its use, combine it with a capsule of caffeine 200 mg (caffeine wakes the body regardless of whether you are in the horizontal or already in the vertical).

As they say after 30% of the spent energy of the body, we begin to feel a desire to relax, although there is still 70% of the resource. Modafinil just removes this desire to relax when there is still such a huge supply of energy. Up to 10% of the resource you will be cheerful and fresh, BUT THE ORGANISM NEEDS REST. Do not use the supplement for several days in a row without getting enough sleep on an ongoing basis. This is only permissible in a single order, prepare for a report or exam for a couple of days, sleep for a couple of hours, then get enough sleep. Otherwise, damage your CNS and immunity.

→ Recommendations of use for work and study. Lie down and get up at about the same time. Sleep 5-8 hours, how many are enough for a full renewal of forces. ONLY IN THIS CASE, YOU WILL ALL THE OTHERS WANT DAYS TO USE THE ORGANISM AND NOOTROP MODAFINIL FOR ALL 100% OF ITS POTENTIAL !!! If you have not had enough sleep, rest assured, you feel well, but the potential of thinking is not 100% possible.

Take a break for the weekend, when mental activity at a high level is not so important. Firstly, it will give the body a better resume and on Monday you will again use your consciousness for 100%. Secondly, as practice shows, all that changes the concentration of anything inside the body should be used intermittently.

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Modafinil - an analeptic, is used to treat drowsiness associated with narcolepsy (sudden falling asleep and drowsiness). The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has also approved modafinil for the treatment of SWSD, sleep sleepiness and sleepiness associated with obstructive sleep apnea. The European Medicines Agency, however, recommends that new prescriptions of medications containing modafinil be limited to cases of narcolepsy only, due to the risk of developing neuropsychiatric, skin and allergic side effects. At the same time, since these side effects are most often observed in the first two weeks of the drug, its use for prescriptions made earlier is not limited.

It is also popular to use modafinil not for medical purposes (off-label), as a relatively safe stimulant. Learn how to be awake and active 24 hours. This will help you succeed in many aspects of your life, thanks to the fact that you can do much more than others. Think about whether you want to have more opportunities and not depend on the whims of your body? Get rid of restrictions and you will enjoy the "inexplicable" accomplishments and incredible personal achievements!

Modafinil is necessary when the life situation requires the highest concentration and attention for more than the usual active day. He keeps you in the state of the highest energy for 24 hours and more, helps you control everything around and experience tremendous self-confidence from the fact that you can really control the situation, when others are lying on their feet from fatigue.

Modafinil helps a lot of people in situations where it is necessary to be in the best shape and perfect tone to use all their potential to achieve the set goals. It helps with exhausting sports training !. Can increase physical endurance and reduce fatigue. In this regard, there has been an increase in the number of cases when athletes have been convicted of using modafinil as a sports nutrition in international competitions.

Currently, Modafinil is included by the World Anti-Doping Agency in the list of drugs that athletes will not be able to use when preparing for competitions, during the training process, and directly during the tournaments. It is a powerful stimulant that improves memory, intellectual acuity and other parameters of mental activity. It effectively relieves fatigue and restores cognitive functions of the brain.

Modafinil is one of the best tools for stimulating mental activity, reducing the need for sleep and treating depression. A very important positive point is the absence of such side effects as: addictive, overexcited and decreased sense of responsibility.

For practitioners polyphasic sleep, when controlling lucid dreaming, the use of Modafinil helps to reach a clear schedule of controlled sleep. This is due to the strictly regulated time of its action (depending on the dosage).

Clinical Studies on Safety of Use

The harmlessness and pharmacodynamics of modafinil have been characterized in several studies conducted outside the United States. In the course of these studies, modafinil in amounts up to 4,500 mg was ingested without significant clinical side effects. The studies do not report any statistically or clinically significant hemodynamic changes in heart rate or blood pressure in patients or healthy volunteers on which modafinil test doses were used.

Scientists and doctors agree that the drug has virtually no side effects. The psychiatrist of the University of California, James McGough (James McGough) says that the effects of an overdose of modafinil are the same as with an overdose of coffee - nervousness and abdominal pain.

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Professor of Cambridge University Barbara Sahakian and her team began to study its impact on patients with Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease, and then conducted several tests on healthy people.

Their research proved that surgeons who had been deprived of sleep for a long time did the job better by taking modafinil. Professor Sakhakyan recommends using the drug for those whose work is associated with stress or causes stress at a particular time.

The Use of Military and Astronauts

The military of several countries express an interest in Modafinil as an alternative to amphetamines, drugs traditionally used in combat situations, where troops face sleep deprivation, such as long missions. The French government noted that the Foreign Legion used modafinil during certain covert operations. The Ministry of Defense of the United Kingdom gave instructions to investigate modafinil QinetiQ and spent 300,000 euros for one study. In 2011, the Air Force of India announced the inclusion of modafinil in plans. The Medical Service of the Indian Armed Forces is exploring its use.

In the US Army, modafinil was approved for use in several Air Force operations and is being studied for other purposes. In one study of helicopter pilots, it was suggested that 600 mg of modafinil in 3 doses could be used to maintain response and accuracy at the pre-deprivation level for 40 hours without sleep. However, there was a significant level of nausea and dizziness. In another study of combat pilots, it was shown that modafinil in three divided 100mg doses retains the accuracy of flight control in sleep-deprived F-117 pilots by about 27% of the baseline level for 37 hours without any significant side effects. In a study of 88 hours of sleep deprivation simulating a military operation, 400 mg / day, the dose is mildly helpful in maintaining combat readiness and productivity in placebo-controlled trials, but the researchers concluded that this dose was not high enough to compensate for most of the effect of total lack of sleep.

The Journal of the Canadian Medical Society reported that modafinil was used by astronauts during long missions at the International Space Station. Modafinil is "available for the crew to optimize performance when fatigued", helps with circadian rhythms interruptions and reduced sleep quality in astronauts. During high-risk, large-scale and long-term police operations, field doctors in Maryland (USA) can issue 200 mg. Modafinil once a day to law enforcement officials to improve attention and concentration and to facilitate functioning in conditions of limited periods of rest.

Mechanism of Action

Despite intensive studies of the interaction of modafinil with a large number of neurotransmitters, the exact mechanism or complex of mechanisms of interaction remains unclear. Probably, modafinil, like other stimulants, increases the release of monoamines - especially, norepinephrine and dopamine catecholamines - from synaptic clefts. At the same time, modafinil increases the level of histamine of the hypothalamus, which encouraged some researchers to consider modafinil as "a remedy for drowsiness" than a classical amphetamine-like stimulant.

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Studies show that modafinil "has a low potential for serious abuse" and "does not develop addiction among first-time users." The combined effect of modafinil on both catecholamine and histamine pathways reduces the potential for abuse compared to traditional stimulant medications, while the effectiveness as a cure for sleepiness persists.


Begin reception with one capsule, a bright effect is not guaranteed, especially if you have 80 kg or more, but it's just a test for the body's reaction to the drug. Perhaps this is already your norm. If there are any side effects, it is very rare (in practice, for 3 years of sales of this product, I have not encountered one case, but in theory or in the literature they write that there were cases when someone was with someone), but if it is already There is that means you and this drug, most likely, are incompatible.

In the morning after awakening, we drink 100-300 mg of modafinil and 100-200 mg of caffeine, in capsules, wash down with water, add half an hour, get up much easier than usual, the day begins more actively. And as you know, the beginning of the day forms the whole day. Successes to work.

For work, take an hour and a half before the start of the activity, for faster inclusion of the additive in the work, you can do a warm-up or simply wring from the floor 20 times, hold the bar for 30 seconds, squat in place without burdening 25 times, this will greatly speed up the process of including modafinil in work.

To ensure complete rash at night, do not take after 16:00, the best time is in the morning and the lighter.


For training, use 100-400 mg of Modafinil an hour before the workout. Not later than lunch.

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If you just want to relieve fatigue, then a single dose of 100 mg will help you. To keep the "combat readiness" for the whole day - 100 mg in the morning and 100 mg at lunch time. If you want to stay awake during the night - then add another 100 mg capsule in the evening (in other words - 100 mg every 8 hours). Recommendation for people weighing up to 80 kg, in case of problems with weight gain you can try the protein by weight.

Needless to say, if you are already tormenting your body in a session or at work, take care of its full nutrition with vitamins, minerals, trace elements (especially potassium and magnesium, you can recommend a pharmacy to a pharmacy). Eat at least once every 3 hours. Drink a sufficient amount of water, at least 2 liters per day. Under such conditions, your processing will pass without consequences for the body.

Modafinil Other Applications

Modafinil is widely used without prescription by a doctor to suppress sleep needs, while it improves short-term memory after sleep deprivation. It is also used without a doctor's prescription to deal with general fatigue not related to lack of sleep, for example, for the treatment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and as an adjunct to antidepressants (in particular, individuals with significant residual fatigue). But apart from self-use by people to strengthen their capabilities, modafinil is widely used by doctors for a variety of purposes. In the US and many other countries, drugs are registered for only one application, but can be prescribed by doctors for various purposes, taking into account the individual needs of the patient. Such use, called off label, is very widely practiced. Modafinil is used to treat depression and fatigue in depression, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, myotonic dystrophy, opiate-induced drowsiness, cerebral palsy and Parkinson's disease. He improves subjective mood and friendliness, at least for shift workers. It is used in the disorder of biorhythms due to the change of time zones. Modafinil can also be an effective and well tolerated treatment for patients with the syndrome of seasonal affective disorder. It is also prescribed by some doctors for the "owl" syndrome. There is evidence that modafinil, used alone, is effective for some subgroups of people with depersonalization disorder. Subgroups of people on whom he acts most often are people with a lack of attention, low excitability of the nervous system and increased drowsiness. Nevertheless, no clinical studies have been conducted. Dr. Evan Torch calls the combination of SSR1 and modafinil "a hidden gem that can really help cure depersonalization disorder."

Experimental Use

Modafinil has been studied as a possible treatment for cocaine dependence, for several reasons, the biochemical mechanism involving these two drugs, as well as the observation that the clinical effect of modafinil is largely opposite to the symptoms of cocaine abstinence.

The number of positive samples of cocaine in the urine was significantly lower in the group taking modafinil, compared with the placebo group. Dan Umanoff, of the National Association for the Advancement and Protection of Drug Dependent, criticized the authors for the study of negative findings from the discussion and summary of the article.


Later, in a double-blind study of modafinil in people seeking treatment for cocaine dependence, significant improvements in some parameters, such as the maximum number of consecutive days of non-use of cocaine, were noted, but found no statistically significant effect on the rate of change in percentage of days of non-use of cocaine.

Weight Loss

Studies of modafinil (even in people with a healthy weight) suggest that it affects the loss of appetite / weight loss. All studies of modafinil in the Medline database, occurring for one month or longer, which indicate changes in weight, show that modafinil users experience weight loss compared to placebo.

In experimental studies, the effect of a decrease in appetite caused by modafinil looks similar to that of amphetamines, but unlike amphetamines, the modafinil dose that causes a reduction in food intake does not cause a significant increase in heart rate. Also in an article published in the Annals of Clinical Psychiatry, a case of a patient weighing 280 pounds with a body mass index of 35.52, who lost 40 pounds during the year, was treated with modafinil (up to a body mass index of 29.59). The authors concluded that placebo-controlled studies of the use of modafinil as a means to reduce weight should be conducted. At the same time, Cephalon in 2000 filed a US patent (No. 6,455,588) for the use of modafinil as a means of increasing appetite.

Biliary Primary Cirrhosis of the Liver

It has been shown that modafinil helps with excessive daytime sleepiness and fatigue caused by cirrhosis of the liver. After two months of treatment, there was a significant decrease in fatigue symptoms measured with the Eupworth Sleepiness Scale.

Oppression of Cognitive Abilities after Chemotherapy

Modafinil was also tested when not used for people with symptoms of cognitive impairment after chemotherapy. In a study conducted at the University of Rochester, 68 patients achieved significant results. "From previous studies, we were aware that modafinil mitigated the deterioration in concentration and memory impairment, and we hoped that it would also help patients with breast cancer experiencing cognitive decline after chemotherapy, which is what happened, Sadhana Kohli, professor of the James P. Wilmot Cancer Center at the University of Rochester.

Bipolar Affective Disorder

According to the manufacturer (Cephalon), clinical trials of ardomofinil (R-isomer modafinil, has a longer action than the racemate) as an aid in the treatment of the depressive phase of bipolar disorder. In a preliminary study of this concept, it was found that the use of the drug leads to the alleviation of depression in this disease according to individual (but not all) criteria.

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Multiple Sclerosis

Modafinil was not approved, but was used to reduce the symptoms of neurological fatigue in multiple sclerosis. Patients followed a standard dosage or took a single dose of 200-400 mg at the beginning of the day, which they assumed would be tedious. In 2000, Cephalon conducted a study to evaluate the feasibility of using modafinil as a potential tool for treating fatigue associated with multiple sclerosis. A group of 72 people with varying degrees of severity of the disease took 2 different doses of the modafinale and placebo for 9 weeks. The level of fatigue was assessed by the patients themselves on a standardized scale. Participants taking a smaller dose of modafinil felt less tired and a statistically significant difference was found between fatigue levels in those who took a smaller dose of modafinil compared to those taking placebo. A large dose of modafinil did not show much greater effect.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

In December 2004, Cephalon introduced a new drug called Sparlon, a trademark of tablets containing a higher dose of modafinil for the treatment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in children and adolescents aged 6 to 17 years. Although the studies showed positive results, the advisory committee of the Office for Food and Drug Administration voted 12 to 1 against the approval of this medication, citing the number of cases of skin rash reaction in a modafinil study that included 933 patients, including two serious cases that Were erythema multiforme or Stephen-Johnson syndrome.

Modafinil Helps Prolong Sexual Intercourse

The maximum extension of sexual intercourse - is not this the dream of all young men experiencing the peak of their sexuality? Unfortunately, almost all young people suffer from premature ejaculation, and often this problem occurs in young men whose hormones are still decently "fooling around". Studying this problem, doctors were able to find a simple solution. And they were helped in this, strangely enough, by the students.

It is known that students live happily only from session to session. The time of passing the exams for the overwhelming majority is stress. Many young people are trying to somehow improve their memory with a modafinil drug. It is known that it can improve memory by 10-15%. This medication is also prescribed for those who suffer from narcolepsy - a disease in which a person can suddenly fall asleep.

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Side effects are with this medicine as well as in any other. So, often there is a migraine, sleep disturbance, vomiting, irritability, heart palpitations and tremors.

However, scientists managed to find out another very useful modafinil: the drug helps a man to prolong sexual intercourse.

Doctors conducted a number of studies on men from 30 years and older, appointing the test group modafinil 100 ml for two weeks before sex. Each of the group had a longer sexual act. So, on the average the sexual certificate began to last not 1 minute, and the whole 15!

It is known that a man suffering from premature ejaculation can have sex less than two minutes. Modafinil allows you to prolong sexual intercourse by an order of magnitude.

So, you are going to take Modafinil - check with your doctor.