How to improve sleep. Part 1


Voltage. Responsibility. Deficiency of time. You have a lot to do. You can rely solely on their strength. People who are around, waiting for your words, actions, decisions. It all depends on you…

Who are you in this case? Superman? Not really: you are “just” a Manager or an owner of your own business.

Every day you must be the embodiment of self-confidence and common sense. Every day you have to be in perfect shape. Looking at you, any employee should think:with this person we will not disappear!” The slightest relief and can hurt your business, reputation, employees.

I recently read one expression that I repeat from memory:A good leader is one who can make effective decisions as long as possible in a state of chronic stress.

Unfortunately, all this is very difficult. Many aspects of such work “break” people and for several years or even months significantly undermine their physical and mental health.

What to do to always stay “in the saddle”? Regularly undergo a course of relaxing treatments in the best spas in Europe? Have a personal doctor who will examine you thoroughly every week? To have a dozen consultants who can shift responsibility for their business? Or maybe just to go “on rest”?

Maybe all this makes sense, but the most important thing that you need is to get a full rest every day, which will allow the body and mind to recover from the hard everyday life. The pressure of problems is not proved to have unbearable burden, you must have a good sleep.

Here’s another interesting expression:Is there one safe pill that lengthens life, enhances vitality, increases concentration and improves mood? There is no such pill, but there is a simple and effective way to achieve all this – a GOOD NIGHT’s SLEEP!»

Full sleep is the most important aspect of maintaining health and improving personal effectiveness. However, problems, experiences and banal lack of time do not allow you to sleep and get up every day cheerful and full of energy. About how to change this, we’ll talk in this book.

Chapter 1. Little sleep – a lot of work, or lack of sleep in the lives of businessmen and managers

Among his colleagues, you are unlikely to meet a lot of people who go to bed at 22:00, 8 hours spent in bed, and then get up, go for a run, drink carrot juice and only then slowly and without fuss taken for their business. To observe a perfectly healthy lifestyle prevents you from an abundance of things that require constant participation and force you to spend a minimum of time on yourself.

Too much sleep-ashamed?

This is what most representatives of the business community, for whom prolonged sleep is inextricably linked with laziness, unworthy of an active, active, hard-working person, which most of them are. Even Napoleon-though not a businessman, but still a bright historical figure – spoke very negatively about the fans to lie in bed. “A man should sleep 4 hours, a woman-5 hours, and more sleep only the sick and fools»…

The media love to publish information about the rich and successful; and, if they believe, few of today’s entrepreneurs spend more than 5-6 hours a day in a state of sleep. Some even willingly speak about it.

For example, billionaire Donald trump claims that he sleeps no more than 3 hours, and considers this one of the secrets of his success: allegedly, this approach to rest saved him a lot of time that he spent on business development.

Turn off the lights!

Before the invention of the light bulb, people were awake and slept according to the length of the daylight. Now we are available not only around the clock lighting, but also the Internet, television, etc.Because of all this over the past 200 years, the duration of human sleep has decreased by about 20%, and among employed people-up to 50%.

The appearance of a successful businessman in the modern world does not fit with the need for rest

In General, many people who have their own business or hold high positions, adhere to a stable, categorical and even aggressive position regarding the duration of sleep: it is necessary to severely limit yourself to rest, the only way to cope with the ever-increasing volume of work and achieve something.

In fairness it should be noted that a long sleep is really not good for health. Scientists have concluded that sleep more than 9 hours a day reduces the mental capacity of a person, causes headaches and increases the risk of endocrine diseases.

Yes, long sleep – it is hopeless, ugly and harmful. However, among the busy people, some do not give themselves even the minimum necessary time to sleep. And its chronic deficiency is not only a huge damage to health, but also a threat to working capacity.

You sleep less than you can imagine.

A study At the University of Chicago found that people sleep less than they think. Those who sleep 7 to 8 hours, in fact, spend in sleep less than 6 hours. And how much do you sleep?

A good night’s sleep: essential for health that are important to your business

“Don’t lay low if you can’t make money in bed!”- said the famous American actor and comedian George burns. With more or less hunting you follow this advice, not allowing yourself to sleep for weeks and months. What can this lead to? Working in your environment, you are used to think about things and phenomena from the perspective of their potential damage or benefit. So let’s look at what lack of sleep can hurt you and why give yourself enough rest – it’s profitable.

The dangers of sleep deprivation. Don’t deprive yourself of sleep!

Can you focus on your work if you have constant pain, if you need to take pills for hours or go to the hospital regularly? Do you manage to maintain high productivity when your days pass in the fog of incredible fatigue? If not, we advise you to change your attitude to sleep, because its lack is not good for you.

The French are the laziest nation in the world

According to a study conducted by the Paris Organization for economic cooperation and development, the French spend about 9 hours a day in a dream and eat about 2 hours. At the same time, the development of business in France does not lag behind the European average. Maybe success does not depend only on the reduction of sleep time?

Dr. Eliza Gilmourd is an American Board Certified Sleep Specialist (DABSM) based in New Jersey. She has led and analyzed more than 300 sleep studies, including adult and pediatric patients. She is considered one of the leading practitioners in the field of sleep medicine in New Jersey. Dr. Eliza Gilmourd established SleepCare Solutions (SCS) in 2013 as an exclusive sleep disorder treatment center to provide outstanding clinical care to all patients with a wide range of sleep disorders, as well as training for patients and their families, other physicians and trainee physicians. SCS provides patients with expert consensus on individual diagnoses and management options, which may include follow-up breath tests, additional neurological examinations, or cognitive/behavioral therapy.

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