Lack of sleep provokes the development of hypertension and heart disease, increases the risk of heart attacks and strokes.

  • * In case of insufficient sleep, the secretion of special peptides responsible for the regulation of appetite is disturbed. This increases hunger and leads to obesity.
  • * Some studies have linked sleep deprivation to the development of malignant tumors.
  • * With a short duration of sleep and frequent awakenings, testosterone production is disturbed, so that the lack and some sleep diseases provoke the development of impotence.
  • * In people who sleep less than 7-8 hours a day, impaired glucose metabolism in the body, which is a risk factor for diabetes.
  • * Poor sleep accelerates aging.
  • * Those who sleep 5 or less hours a day have a 15% higher risk of death from all causes than people who allow themselves enough time to rest.
  • * Even one night without sleep causes daytime sleepiness, increased irritability, decreased attention and concentration. If after a sleepless night you have some important business, for example, an important meeting, you probably will not be able to achieve your goals.
  • * Lack of sleep disrupts the metabolism of mediators in the brain, including serotonin. This substance controls the mood, gives peace of mind and makes us perceive the world as it is. Lack of serotonin in sleep deprivation leads to perception of the surrounding reality in dark tones and can even lead to depression.
  • * Sleep deprivation increases the risk of chronic fatigue syndrome and occupational burnout, which are already very characteristic of people living in a state of constant stress (more – in Chapter 4).

The result of all this is poor health, dependence on doctors and medicines, not developing relationships with customers, partners and subordinates, wrong tactics of doing business, professional failures and, perhaps, the collapse of your own business, to which you have given several years of your life. But enough to scare you – move on to the positive.

That gives you a healthy sleep

The benefit of a healthy sleep can be considered is that it will help to avoid the consequences mentioned above, and will allow you to stay healthy, cheerful and balanced person. In addition, quality rest will give you some nice "bonuses".

* Full sleep helps to look good, as it prevents the increased release of stress hormones that cause microcirculation and the formation of collagen in the skin.

* During slow sleep, the hormone somatotropin is released, which helps to restore tissues, strengthen bones, increase muscle mass. Sleep instead of the gym – how’s that?

* Full sleep helps to consolidate memory, especially improving long-term memory. This is very important for a person who has to absorb a large amount of information and remember everything in the world.

* During sleep, the brain is “residual analysis” of the information received during the day, in other words, it continues to work when you sleep. Sometimes it is able to present surprises in the form of spontaneous decisions that came in the form of insight over a Cup of morning cappuccino. Mendeleev in a dream made up their table, von stradonitz discovered the benzene ring… Maybe you have unanswerable questions, the answers to which your brain already knows, but can not you tell?

As Miguel de Cervantes wrote in don Quixote, ” God Bless him who invented sleep!”. Normal rest is health, vivacity and high working capacity. Let’s hope you at least a little imbued with this idea, and now will not be so hard to take away the precious hours of sleep. However, some people, for years exhausting themselves with work, there is a problem: they simply can not start to sleep anymore, because they have already got problems with sleep, not giving them a rest. Why did this happen and what should be done? The answers you will find in the following chapters.

Dr. Eliza Gilmourd is an American Board Certified Sleep Specialist (DABSM) based in New Jersey. She has led and analyzed more than 300 sleep studies, including adult and pediatric patients. She is considered one of the leading practitioners in the field of sleep medicine in New Jersey. Dr. Eliza Gilmourd established SleepCare Solutions (SCS) in 2013 as an exclusive sleep disorder treatment center to provide outstanding clinical care to all patients with a wide range of sleep disorders, as well as training for patients and their families, other physicians and trainee physicians. SCS provides patients with expert consensus on individual diagnoses and management options, which may include follow-up breath tests, additional neurological examinations, or cognitive/behavioral therapy.

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