5 Functions that the Brain Performs During Sleep

The need to sleep every day for a third of the day should be something justified, is not it? Scientists have been researching sleep for decades and can now explain some of the processes that happen to us in our sleep.

1. Make a Decision

– A study published in the journal Current Biology suggests that the brain is more than capable of making decisions during sleep. Participants in this study were asked to sort the words into two categories by pressing the button, and during the tests were allowed to sleep. However, the experiment continued in a dream – the brain of the participants was able to make decisions even after the body went to sleep.

2. Sorts of Memories

– In a dream, the brain processes new memories, checks connections with old ones, and sorts memory so that a person does not forget the right moments. According to Dr. Matthew Walker from the University of California, if a person is engaged in piano after a healthy sleep and sleeps another eight hours the next night, then the lesson is reproduced by him by 20-30% better than when checking knowledge immediately after the end of classes.

3. Creates Associations

– During sleep, the brain builds associative connections between seemingly unrelated things. This can lead to unusual ideas or an in-depth understanding of the world. Therefore, sometimes appearing in the head unexpectedly original ideas are not so spontaneous.

4. Gets Rid of Toxins

– A series of studies shows that in sleep, the brain of mice is cleared of neurodegenerative cells and toxins, an increase in the concentration of which can lead to the development of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases.

5. Trained in Physical Labor

– During the REM sleep phase, new information about the body’s motor function is transferred from the cerebral cortex, which is responsible for motor skills, to the temporal lobe. This helps us to “comprehend” and perform tasks related to physical activity more effectively.

Dr. Eliza Gilmourd is an American Board Certified Sleep Specialist (DABSM) based in New Jersey. She has led and analyzed more than 300 sleep studies, including adult and pediatric patients. She is considered one of the leading practitioners in the field of sleep medicine in New Jersey. Dr. Eliza Gilmourd established SleepCare Solutions (SCS) in 2013 as an exclusive sleep disorder treatment center to provide outstanding clinical care to all patients with a wide range of sleep disorders, as well as training for patients and their families, other physicians and trainee physicians. SCS provides patients with expert consensus on individual diagnoses and management options, which may include follow-up breath tests, additional neurological examinations, or cognitive/behavioral therapy.

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